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He is a coach (a graduate of postgraduate studies - a program certified by the Chamber of Coaching at the WSB University in Wrocław), a psychotherapist during training (at the Department of Psychotherapy at the Jagiellonian University Medical College, in the field of psychodynamics), a development trainer , manager with many years of experience. Co-author of the ManKind project - male circles. She works with clients who are under strong pressure, constant stress and tension, feel overloaded with tasks and overwhelmed with duties. It helps them regain control and energy balance so that they feel fulfilled at work, joy and satisfaction in life. Work areas: - support in life and business challenges - increase of personal and professional effectiveness - neurotic disorders - Personality disorder - coping with stress, anger, anxiety and other difficult emotions - counteracting professional burnout - improving communication in private and business relations - strengthening self-esteem and working with self-esteem - problems in personal and professional relationships - depressed mood, aversion, regaining joy and a positive attitude

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